Tuesday, August 24, 2010

coffee interrupted...

On Monday morning, I staggered out of bed at approximately 6:15am in a fleeting attempt to enjoy a cup of coffee uninterrupted before my children awoke to greet the day. Of course, my kids have an amazing internal clock that wakes their litte selves at nearly the exact same time, usually 6:30-6:45am every day, varying only slightly. I wonder when the day will arrive when I need to utilize an alarm clock again. I know I haven't used one in 5 years (the exact age of my daughter).

As I go down stairs, I am greeted by two cats meowing for food and two dogs, anxious as ever to leave smelly gifts for me in my very overgrown yard. My coffee must wait. I feed the animals, let them outside to do their business, then begin to brew my coffee. This process doesn't take long, but it is a race with the clock to get that coffee cup in my hands!

As it brews I pace anxiously taking in that wonderful aroma as the coffee maker gurgles and drips the wonderful caffeinated beverage into the glass pot. Yay! It's almost ready. My coffee maker has always produced a favorable cup of joe. I like a bit of creamer in my coffee, so I preare my oversized green mug with a shot of vanilla in the bottom and await to pour. So far so good.

A scratch at the door; I let the dogs back in the house. Now that they have completed their morning business they are alert and happier than ever. 3 loud beeps suddenly alert me that my coffe has finished brewing. I pour the dark liquid into my cup and head over to my favorite spot by a window where the morning sun shines in the house and warms me very nicely.

Awwwwe. I take my first sip. Perfect! But then at that exact moment, I hear the sound... Yep, I look at my clock, Where did the last 20 minutes go?? My little boy, 10 months old and happy as can be is chiming through the baby monitor. "Da Da Da da," he sings to no one in particular, its just all he can say clearly. I take another sip of the coffee thinking I can maybe get a little bit more down before he is completely awake, but to no avail! The happy waking baby gets a bit more demanding by the second. My coffee will have to wait.

So, I head upstairs a little disappointed. However, when I open his bedroom door, I see blue eyes peering at me from behind his crib bars and his little eyes meet mine, a smile spreads across his little cheeks and he claps his hands with excitement. The moment is wonderful, pure delight. I have already forgotten the cup of coffee and my morning is even more wonderful than expected. And if I thought the moment couldn't get any better, a small child, my 5 year old daughter, wonders in and is now hugging my waist. Now it's perfect.

Though I spend so much of my day thinking of what needs to be done next, planning out every moment, though I think I sometimes need more than what I have, It is the smallest of smiles, the little hugs and even the tiny tears that truly make every moment worth it. If my day was so simple that I could have my coffee without interruption every day, that just might be too boring.